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JKM G4 Front
JKM G4 Chassis
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The JKM Infill G4 is a true double din head-unit, which is a powerful multimedia computer running Microsoft Windows XP. This computer has been optimized to switch on in just 3 seconds and start playing your favorite tracks, just by the turn of a key. Why ever upgrade your stereo again, just add more functionality by upgrading the software in a few minutes.
Established in Janurary 2004 JKM Entertainment Limited have been providing the latest technological phenomenon for 13 years. Awarded the 'Best Car Computer in the UK' for 2007 by Max Power Magizine, then awarded by Mobile Electronics News the category 'Most Innovitive Technology Product' of 2008 we pride ourselves in providing high quality vehicle computer systems of all types for all users.
JKM Entertainment Limited are now able to offer a wide range of innovitive and cutting edge car computer products. Our products range from manufacturing automotive computers, CAN-BUS, Steering Wheel Control integration, high quality car computer monitors and bespoke manufacturing for OEM's.